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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Wow!  Yesterday around lunchtime, it starting snowing… and it has been snowing ever since!  I lived in Asheville, NC for 7 years thinking I would see some good snow… and never did.  As soon as I move back to the Triad Asheville gets hammered and so do we!  To be honest with you, I absolutely love the snow.  There is something pure and clean and well, spiritual about it.  Snow always causes me to take a walk down “Memory Lane”.  When I was a kid growing up in south Atlanta, we didn’t see very much snow, but occasionally we were pleasantly surprised with 3 or 4 inches… and it was always, always a treat. 

The snow makes me think of how I have been washed “whiter than snow”, and the cool thing is I did not have to do anything to earn it!  The free gift of salvation is offered to everyone who believes and receives!  To stand justified before the Holy God of the universe is a very sobering and humbling thought isn’t it.  To think that the red blood of my Savior, Jesus washes me white as snow!  Very Cool!  I am grateful that even though I was a wretch of a sinner and still am by the way… Jesus rescued me.

I also thought about the song “Let It Snow” and the line that says… “the weather outside is frightful”.  And I thought about my life.  I can say that this past year things have looked very frightful at times and from the outside looking in, one might think that I would never sing or minister again… but all along my Father has calmed my spirit, met our needs, and He has remained faithful.  I am grateful for the promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me… no matter what. 

So, I can truly say just a few days before Christmas… “The fire is so delightful”.

Blessings to all,

Romans 8:28

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In the sports world it’s known as halftime… that brief interval between the first and second half of a game that allows the players to rest and adjust their strategy while the rest of us restock our supply of cheese nachos and Diet Coke. Only the most fickle fans would ever leave a game that early. Why?

Contest are never won or lost in the first half of the game. No matter how far ahead or behind a team is in the first half, it is what happens in the second half that determines the outcome. I could “life is a game” metaphor ad nauseam. However, since “life is a performance” is the theme of this article, there is another word I want us to consider that is crucial in recovering from our mistakes: intermission.

Many times the director will schedule a break in a long production to give performers and the audience time to rest and… well, you know 🙂 Does anyone remember when long, epic movies contained intermissions? Most concerts that I attend seem to have an intermission… a time to refresh, relax and stretch.

In life, intermission is that period of time between our failure and our future. Our intermission usually begins with some major mistake (or the fallout from that mistake). The curtain seems to come down on our life, and we… as well as others watching… assume that our story is over. However, our story doesn’t have to end with our failure! The curtain can rise again on a wonderful second act! But before that can happen, we need to understand and use this pause between our failure and our future. In case you have not yet grasped the concept of intermission, let me illustrate it for you. Intermission is that time between…

1. A divorce and the beginning of another meaningful relationship
2. A termination and employment in a job you really desire
3. A bankurupcy and financial solvency
4. A revelation of your immorality and the restoration of your reputation

While intermissions in movies or plays can be enjoyable, most of us would never choose to endure an intermission in life. This interruption is usually marked by guilt over our failure and apprehension about our future. We wait, and we wonder if the curtain will ever rise again.

God uses this pause to prepare us for an every better second act… if we are willing to cooperate with Him. As you look through the Bible, you’ll discover that the Divine Director has always used intermissions in the lives of His people.

Till Next Time,

Romans 8:28

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Qualifications of a Bishop (Pastor or Overseer)

This saying is trustworthy: “If someone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a good work.” 2 The overseer then must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, an able teacher, 3 not a drunkard, not violent, but gentle, not contentious, free from the love of money. 4 He must manage his own household well and keep his children in control without losing his dignity. 5 But if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for the church of God? 6 He must not be a recent convert or he may become arrogant and fall into the punishment that the devil will exact. 7 And he must be well thought of by those outside the faith, so that he may not fall into disgrace and be caught by the devil’s trap (1 Timothy 3:1-7).

Wow.. that is a very long list. You can’t leave any of them out either. Are there a few things listed here that get overlooked perhaps? Do pastors get a free-pass on some of these but not on others? I have read this passage many, many times in the past year and I am finding more and more that there is absolutely no one and I mean no one that is perfect… not even close. When the Apostle Paul calls himself the chiefest of sinners where does that leave me? It leaves me in a pretty rotten state. Let’s all stop and think about that for a minute…

I was a pastor once… and I pray that I will be able to pastor again… these verses are very sobering and truth telling all the same. How many pastors and overseer’s are actually qualified if this is the list that we go by? If they are strong in one qualification and weak in another, does the strong area make up for the weak area? This is really something to think about isn’t it.

This is just something that was on my heart today… I guess if you are a pastor, it would do you (us) good to periodically read these verses, just to be reminded of the account that I (we) will give.

Till Next Time,

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Kiss The Son

Psalm 2:12 says, “Kiss the son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all that put their trust in Him.”

The kiss in scripture is a symbol of various attitudes. In Luke 7:38 it is a sign of true worship. The poor woman who came into the house of Simon and stood behind Jesus did five things: She wept, she washed His feet with her tears, she wiped them with the hairs of her head, she anointed them with the ointment, and… she kissed His feet… The tears and kiss were a sign of true and holy worship. The kiss is also a token of forgiveness. In Luke 15:11-24 the prodigal came back home to his father, and after his confession, received a kiss of forgiveness. The Father kissed the son…

Two contrasting stories… in one, the woman kissed the Son… in the other, the Father kissed the son. How cool is that? We all have received that kiss of forgiveness at some point or another from the Father. But are we “kissing the Son”? Are we living with fear and reverence to the King? I pray that I am living my life so pleasing to Jesus that it’s as if I am kissing his feet in pure worship each and every day.

What will it be like when I finally meet my Savior face to face?

I hope to kiss the Son… in person.

Look for the song “Kiss The Son” on the new CD to be released early 2010
Until next time,
Romans 8.28

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