The Weather Outside Is Frightful

19 Dec

Wow!  Yesterday around lunchtime, it starting snowing… and it has been snowing ever since!  I lived in Asheville, NC for 7 years thinking I would see some good snow… and never did.  As soon as I move back to the Triad Asheville gets hammered and so do we!  To be honest with you, I absolutely love the snow.  There is something pure and clean and well, spiritual about it.  Snow always causes me to take a walk down “Memory Lane”.  When I was a kid growing up in south Atlanta, we didn’t see very much snow, but occasionally we were pleasantly surprised with 3 or 4 inches… and it was always, always a treat. 

The snow makes me think of how I have been washed “whiter than snow”, and the cool thing is I did not have to do anything to earn it!  The free gift of salvation is offered to everyone who believes and receives!  To stand justified before the Holy God of the universe is a very sobering and humbling thought isn’t it.  To think that the red blood of my Savior, Jesus washes me white as snow!  Very Cool!  I am grateful that even though I was a wretch of a sinner and still am by the way… Jesus rescued me.

I also thought about the song “Let It Snow” and the line that says… “the weather outside is frightful”.  And I thought about my life.  I can say that this past year things have looked very frightful at times and from the outside looking in, one might think that I would never sing or minister again… but all along my Father has calmed my spirit, met our needs, and He has remained faithful.  I am grateful for the promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me… no matter what. 

So, I can truly say just a few days before Christmas… “The fire is so delightful”.

Blessings to all,

Romans 8:28

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