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Merry Christmas

I wanted to take the time and share some lyrics to a Christmas song that is not so well known, but one of my favorites.  The song is called “The Way He Came” written by Mark Harris.

 Just to think such royalty would come the way He came, in a dusty little town.  Born to such humility upon a bed of hay, certainly He laid His glory down.  Who would think this little child would be the promised one?  Would the Messiah really come this way?  And certainly this was no birthplace for the Son of God… isn’t it amazing how He came?  I can’t believe that I would be the reason why He came.  I can’t believe He left His mighty throne.  He became a pauper so that I could be a king!  He denied Himself and then He made my heart His home.

 Isn’t it amazing, the way He came?  No crowds, no throne, no big parade.  There were no fanfares played… no jubilant display.  Isn’t it amazing how He came!

Enough said don’t you think?  Jesus did this for us… Let us not forget that He is the reason for the season.  We are looking forward with anticipation to our first Christmas at Oaklawn!

Merry Christmas from Jay, Sam, Grady & Judah (And Bailey, our dog J)

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