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If We Are the Body

If We Are the Body

How important is the body of Christ to you? We like to think of our relationship with God as a highly personal matter involving no one but ourselves and Him. But God will not work that way. He calls us into community. The learning that we do must be done in community. The wisdom we acquire is imparted partly through fellowship. The truths we speak are meant to edify others as well as ourselves. Receiving the mind of Christ requires living in the body of Christ.

The truth is, seekers are often turned off from God because of the people who represent Him. Though He dwells in us, we often do not allow Him to dwell visibly. Don’t idealize the church. It is made up of redeemed but flawed people in the process of transformation. But, don’t underestimate it either. The body of Christ is the physical presence of Jesus in this world. Do you really want to learn the mind of God? Then we need each other… plain and simple. Chuck Colson said, “Christians are not lone rangers.”

Let’s work together to accomplish much for the cause of Christ. Our community needs Jesus now more than ever! Let’s work together to be the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus.



A Portion of this devotion was taken from the Walk with God devotional.

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