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Smashed Phone, Lost Wallet and Locked Out! A Week In the Life of an A.D.D. Pastor

 know what you are thinking… “What has Jay done this time?”  And my answer is, “How much time do you have?”  It all started last Wednesday morning as I tried to open the car door with too many things in my hand, one of which was my smart phone.  You guessed it.  The phone did not survive the fall.  As the phone was falling to the ground (in slow motion, of course) I was bellowing out a long, slow motion “Nooooooooooooo!”  I was helpless as the phone smashed into the concrete, shattering the glass face.  This was only the beginning…

Last Friday night, around 10:30pm, Grady and I ventured to Walmart to purchase some dog food.  I purchased the food, said Merry Christmas to the associate, and somewhere between there, the parking lot, and the van, I lost my wallet!  After spending half the night looking for it and finally canceling all of our debit and credit cards, someone turned it in the next morning… with $75 missing!  Thankfully, all the cards and my driver’s license were still there.
Finally, after a great visit with my dad this past Thursday evening, I walk out to my van only to find that my keys were laying in the driver’s  seat… with the doors locked!  Thanks to my brother, I didn’t have to call a locksmith.
When things go wrong, or when you feel you are going through a stretch of
“when it rains, it pours”,  keep your eyes on Jesus and keep your eyes on the prize.  The enemy will do his best to distract us, frustrate us and knock  us off course through the little irritations in life.  Hang in there and hang on!  God has a plan and a purpose for what we go through and He will use each situation to teach us patience and perseverance.  God bless you as you enter 2013!
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